Retirement Plans

6f43b5263fbba79c5962514b85d34738Vantage401k (also 403(b) and 457) features open architecture, transparent fee structure, and a completely unbiased investment offering thereby enabling clients to make informed decisions without pressure to buy any particular products by using proprietary filtering, education, and evaluation tools. Over 18,000 funds in 450 fund families, ETF's and Self Directed Brokerage are available and VBA refunds all sub-TA, 12b-1, and Service Fees!

Vantage Benefits maintains industry leadership in providing successful and cost effective retirement plans through expert analysis of current challenges employers face:

  • Balancing the costs of retirement benefits while attracting and retaining high-quality employees
  • Providing effective communications and retirement planning education to meet the evolving needs of employees
  • Restoring participant confidence in company-sponsored plans, due to the effects of reported corporate accounting and mutual fund scandals, increasing participant cost, lack of investment choices, and poor administration services
  • Identifying fiduciary roles and responsibilities and on-going due diligence to reduce fiduciary risk


Vantage Benefits provides plan sponsors with the necessary tools to effectively manage fiduciary responsibility. Through our comprehensive analysis, design, and implementation, plan sponsors can feel confident that they are operating their plan in the best interest of the participants and thus minimize their fiduciary liability.

Vantage Fiduciary Tools offer long-term added value and reduced potential for a large adverse judgment against the plan by providing:

• Platform/vendor fee disclosure statements for the plan and plan participants
• A formal written investment policy statement
• An unbiased participant investment menu that meets ERISA 404(c) requirements
• A documented portfolio manager/fund selection process
• Investment plan implementation process
• Ongoing investment manager/fund review process select best in class investments that best serve the participants needs.

Our services are designed to lower a client's exposure to fiduciary liability, provide guidance for vendor selection and maximize benefits for the plan sponsor and its participants. We rely on effective plan design, daily record keeping, plan administration, and employee communication to successfully meet these goals.

Declare your freedom from high plan costs, compliance burdens and plan limitations. VBA delivers cost-effective retirement plans your employees will want to participate in.


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