Retirement Plan Platform

Retirement Plan Platform

Plan Set-up

  • Plan Analysis
  • Plan Design and Documentation
  • Vendor Search and Selection Consultation
  • Conversion Processing
  • Customized Employee Communication and Education Material
  • Participant Education
    • Print
    • Online
  • Web Site Access
    • Education
    • Enrollment
    • Account Management
  • 24 Hour Voice Response Unit

Daily Valuation Record Keeping

  • Reconcile Payroll Contributions
  • Posting Participant Transactions
  • Loan Processing
  • Distribution Processing
  • Periodic HR Reports
  • Periodic Participant Reports
  • Qualified Domestic Relations Order Processing
  • Books and Records. VBA will maintain all books and records of all transactions placed or executed through it, in accordance with ERISA (the "Standards")

Plan Administration

  • IRS and DOL Reporting
  • Signature Ready 5500
  • Coverage and Discrimination Testing
  • Summary Annual Report

Fiduciary Compliance

Annual Plan Review

  • Unbiased Review of Plan Sponsor's Investment Policy Statement
  • Cost Analysis and Industry Benchmarking
  • Review and Implement any IRS and DOL Regulation Updates Affecting ERISA Plans


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