Benefits Solutions: From Basic Solution to Unified Point of Service

Benefits Solutions: From Basic Solution to Unified Point of Service

Vantage's benefits solutions are designed to accommodate all small to mid-sized businesses. Which level of support will best meet your needs?

Vantage's BASIC Benefits Solution

Track employee benefits information with accuracy and confidence. Provide fundamental record keeping and data management tools to track current and historical benefit enrollments. Solution includes:
• Benefits Enrollments Tracking (provided as a Software as a Service)
• Open Enrollment via Self Service
• HR Portal Knowledge Base

Vantage's BASIC Benefits Solution provides integration with other vendors such as Payroll, HRIS Systems, and benefits carriers which enable participants and HR to complete self-service transactions in a real-time environment.

Vantage's ADVANCED Benefits Solution

Battle the rising costs of health care with tools that provide greater visibility into benefit costs, improved communication with employees and streamlined automation. Solution includes:
o Advanced Benefits Administration Consultation
o Advanced Open Enrollment Support
o Invoice Reconciliation Tools
o Insurance Carrier Connectivity
o Life Event Management
o Custom Report Writer
o Custom Benefit Plan Support
o HR Portal Knowledge Base

Vantage's ADVANCED Benefits Solution provides real-time integration in conjunction with other Vantage solutions.

Vantage's UNIFIED POINT of SERVICE Benefits Solution

Combine the proven, flexible functionality of Vantage's ADVANCED Benefits Solution with the hands-on service and expertise of a dedicated team of benefits administration specialists. Do more with less, improve your bottom line and provide better service to your employees. Solution includes everything listed in ADVANCED Solution plus:
• Dedicated Benefits Administration Team
• Eligibility and Enrollment Administration
• Participant & HR Call Center for enrollment and year round customer support
• Spending Account Administration (FSA, HRA, and HSA)
• COBRA Administration
• Retirement Plan Administration
• Premium Billing Reconciliation Services
• All Carrier/Vendor EDI managed by Vantage
• Dependent Audits
• Leave Administration
• Life Administration
• All technology managed by Vantage's Technology Dept. as a Process as a Service (PaaS)

Vantage's Unified Point of Service Platform provides real-time integration in conjunction with all Vantage solutions.One click or call for all your needs. One access point for tools and services. One partner to manage it all.

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