Vantage Benefits Administrators Benefits Solutions

Vantage Benefits Administrators Benefits Solutions

When it comes to identifying your most time- and resource-consuming human resources tasks, benefits administration consistently ranks among the highest.

From open enrollment and employee communications, to connectivity with insurance carriers and reconciliation of vendor invoices, benefits administration can be the most challenging HR responsibility you have.

With the right benefits solution from Vantage, you can regain valuable time and rein in costs.

With Vantage's suite of leading-edge applications and tools, you'll have more control over how your benefits administration functions are managed and delivered. Vantage Benefits Administrators (VBA) provides a full-featured benefits administration solution that gives you increased control over HR and benefits processes:

• Control benefits costs by avoiding unnecessary benefit and premium payments, while also reducing the cost of benefits administration and communication.
• Empower employees with self-service tools to make benefit changes as a result of life events or open enrollment.
• Connect to insurance carriers for transmitting enrollment and eligibility information.
• Manage vendor invoicing and reconciliation.

VBA's solutions are designed to accommodate all small to mid-sized businesses – not by taking a one-size-fits-all approach, but rather by providing three levels of support, depending upon your specific needs. Which level is right for you: BASIC Solution, ADVANCED Solution or UNIFIED POINT of SERVICE?

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